Anna F

Licensed Professional Counselor (GA)


About Me

Anna is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked as a therapist in Community Mental Health for over seven years. She has provided services to individuals ranging in age from 5 to 60. During this time, she has had the privilege of supervising other therapists, which has sharpened her skill set for recognizing the individual strengths and needs of clients served, as well as development of supports and resources to help others through their journey.

As a client-centered therapist, Anna values every individual, who brings with them their own experiences, personality, and beliefs. She has extensive experience utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Anna feels it is important to work with each person to determine the individual needs of that client, given their specific circumstances.




Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Clinical Supervisor


Anna graduated from the University of Georgia in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Development. She later earned her Master’s Degree in Community Agency Counseling from Auburn University in 2010.


  • Trauma / Abuse counseling

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Family therapy appointment / $110 / 60 Minutes
  • Initial appointment with therapist / $95 / 60 Minutes
  • Therapy appointment / $95 / 60 Minutes